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How does Remote Monitoring work

With the availablity of high speed internet connections in the work-place and the shift from analogue to digital recording, it has become possible to connect to your CCTV system from just about anywhere in the world. Using your existing computer network and internet connection you can now have a much more flexible approach to monitoring your business.


Some of the benefits of remote video monitoring and supporting services include:

  • Measurable reduction in store theft and shrinkage

  • Visual confirmation of alarms before police or fire are dispatched reducing false alarms and resulting fees

  • Encourages suspects to move on before a problem or conflict situation occurs eliminating a problem that otherwise would have developed

  • Improves safety of employees by having a remote guard deal with problem situations

  • Reduces store theft with live or scheduled voice messages that are a constant reminder that the location is being monitored by a remote monitoring service

  • Improves service levels to customers by removing or reducing impact of problem individuals

  • Reduces property damage caused by vandalism


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